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" Included in every visit to Kerber’s Farm: The delicious aroma of baked goods—and abundant holiday spirit."
Kerber’s Farm is a One-Stop Shop for the Holidays—and a Home-Grown Success Story
Edible Long Island - November 16, 2017
"The Slice is Right!"
Oprah's Favorite Things 2018
The Oprah Magazine - November 02, 2017
"Gotham is hardly lacking in fancy, “artisanal” gourmet food companies. Few, however, enter expansion mode with both Oprah and Martha Stewart seals of approval."
Long Island Farm Stand Emerges as Celeb Favorite
New York Post - September 03, 2017
Hinckley Yachts; An American Icon
Vanity Fair
Kerber's Farm Reopens On Long Island
Great Breakfast Sandwiches On Long Island
Branding Nationally, Nurturing Local Roots
The Long Islander - June 04, 2015
New Take Out Places Are Offering Different Varieties of a New England Tradition
The New York Times
"Cases are stocked with super-indulgent s’mores pies, perhaps the fudgiest brownies ever, and zippy lemon bars. "
Tour Kerber’s Farm in Suffolk County, New York
Architectural Digest - September 04, 2014
"Gayle King went to town on these light, addictive, heat-and-eat cheddar buttermilk biscuits"
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